Miralbell Guerin is a law firm founded in 1992 in Barcelona by brothers Luis Maria and Mario Miralbell Guerin.
Also composed by economists, which aims to provide protection and support to companies and individuals providing response and support to legal and economic problems. Our services range from an occasional consultation to the defense and representation in major conflicts and, of course, in the courts, having an expert team of lawyers litigating.

With our economist team, who constantly interact with lawyers giving their respective approaches, allows a more complete customer comprehensive advice.

We try to do our work on the principle of fairness in dealing with our competing firms, with our partners, that we think it is essential to ensure transparency, so necessary in our profession. We pursue the maximum rigor in our work, because answers have a deadline at which they cease to be useful.

We have a balanced team with great professional but also personal faculties, to offer to those who are looking for the best technical support and a treatment of human quality and personal self-confidence.

We seek a global vision and we focus on the international business, services and business initiatives seeking markets to our customers and partners, to invest both in Spain and abroad, having a very completed partnership with many permanent employees and belonging to the international network lawyers, economists, tax advisors and auditors: EuropeFides.

We aim to cover the main legal advice, tax and business consulting areas, and give external collaboration with proven professionals who agree with our principles.